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Introducing our new and very lovely Premium Gin!

Fordington Premium Gin

We are deeply rooted in botanical heritage at Fordington Gin and always do our best to bring together the wealth of knowledge and experience with a healthy mix of an intense curiosity for the unusual - which resonates perfectly with our new Premium Gin! 

Handcrafted by us – it’s smooth and perfect – our Premium Gin is a fabulous Gin with a twist of extra juniper and blood oranges - has a gentle and distinctive flavour bringing you something truly original.  It is 45% by volume and made with the Fordington magical twist. 

With a background that includes a love of food and flavours - I am endlessly seeking out something new and different, inspiring and creative.  Fordington Gin has evolved from all this knowledge and experience – and we are very proud of what we have achieved!

During the last year or so we have kept increasingly busy with new ideas and flavours.  We have been awarded for our commitment to the community during the pandemic as well as recognised both locally and internationally for our lovely gin.

We unwind from work with a large Gin and Tonic!  Real excitement comes from combining the seemingly endless choices of garnishes to add to our cocktails and the food pairing side of Gin is fantastic!  We love our gin – and very much hope you do too –