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From Botanicals to Bottle

There's something about a heady scent that can be so evocative, we can be transported in our mind’s eye to far off places, distant memories and remembrances of those we love or have loved.  Scent is intricately linked to flavour and the enjoyment of a perfect craft gin - imagine for a moment the bouquet of a G&T after a long working week. Maybe you already have a glass of Fordington to hand and know exactly what we mean! The team at Keyneston Mill, home of Parterre Fragrances, share with us a passion for the finest botanicals. For their Festival of Scent earlier this month, Fordington created a bespoke gin containing geranium - a heavenly scented gin with notes of...

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Cupid's Bow for Valentine's Day

💝  💞  💖 Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – and this year will be a very different one – let’s begin with celebrating all that we love and all that we have in our hearts to celebrate! Fordington Gin has created a very special Cupid’s Bow to help you enjoy St Valentine's Day - an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. Let’s begin this day by sending messages of love and affection to all those whom we hold dear – and perhaps a moment of love to those whom we do not! To celebrate this time of year, Fordington Gin presents our limited edition Cupid’s Bow with flavours of strawberry, hibiscus and a hint of vanilla. Cupid's Bow is best enjoyed over ice. However, if you...

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We Bring you Christmas Cheer

 We very much hope you are all well – these are most uncertain times but we are still going! From really small beginnings we now produce a multi award winning excellent British Gin, hand crafted for people just like you who love to elicit the magic of an enchanted and very exciting London Dry Gin. We have a history rooted in a long-standing heritage of a passion for food and drink flavours drawing together a wealth of knowledge, experience and an intense curiosity for the unusual. We are very happy that you are part of our journey. It is the most wonderful time of the year! If you are looking for stocking fillers or a treat for yourself we can...

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