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Classic cocktail - The Bramble

  There has certainly been a shift in the weather this week, the almost sun-soaked early September days have given way to a far more chilly feel. The leaves are falling from the trees and the colours of our landscape have transformed to a more sedate autumnal hue. With the change in temperature, our thoughts turn to being warm and cosy and our tastes change accordingly. We seem to naturally seek out flavours that suit the shift in season and our thoughts turn to warming roasts, crumbles and pies - comfort food at its best.  British produce is shining and a favourite seasonal activity is delving into our hedgerows - picking blackberries on an autumn afternoon must be one of...

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From Botanicals to Bottle

There's something about a heady scent that can be so evocative, we can be transported in our mind’s eye to far off places, distant memories and remembrances of those we love or have loved.  Scent is intricately linked to flavour and the enjoyment of a perfect craft gin - imagine for a moment the bouquet of a G&T after a long working week. Maybe you already have a glass of Fordington to hand and know exactly what we mean! The team at Keyneston Mill, home of Parterre Fragrances, share with us a passion for the finest botanicals. For their Festival of Scent earlier this month, Fordington created a bespoke gin containing geranium - a heavenly scented gin with notes of...

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In praise of all things cheese related

The sun was shining and there was a palpable sense of freedom and excitement in the air when we took our range of Fordington Gin to last weekend’s excellent Sturminster Cheese festival.  Like many, we are a huge fan of all things cheese! Even better if they are locally made by passionate artisans -  I couldn’t celebrate the cheese festival without a particular mention of Carol from the Cornish Cheese Company, a fabulous company making fantastic cheese and a great new friend.  It was a joy to be there - massive thanks to the herculean efforts of the festival committee and its troupe of volunteers for organising such a wonderful show. Thank you also to all of our customers, new...

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Introducing our new and very lovely Premium Gin!

We are deeply rooted in botanical heritage at Fordington Gin and always do our best to bring together the wealth of knowledge and experience with a healthy mix of an intense curiosity for the unusual - which resonates perfectly with our new Premium Gin!  Handcrafted by us – it’s smooth and perfect – our Premium Gin is a fabulous Gin with a twist of extra juniper and blood oranges - has a gentle and distinctive flavour bringing you something truly original.  It is 45% by volume and made with the Fordington magical twist.  With a background that includes a love of food and flavours - I am endlessly seeking out something new and different, inspiring and creative.  Fordington Gin has...

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Cupid's Bow for Valentine's Day

💝  💞  💖 Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – and this year will be a very different one – let’s begin with celebrating all that we love and all that we have in our hearts to celebrate! Fordington Gin has created a very special Cupid’s Bow to help you enjoy St Valentine's Day - an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. Let’s begin this day by sending messages of love and affection to all those whom we hold dear – and perhaps a moment of love to those whom we do not! To celebrate this time of year, Fordington Gin presents our limited edition Cupid’s Bow with flavours of strawberry, hibiscus and a hint of vanilla. Cupid's Bow is best enjoyed over ice. However, if you...

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